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About Nicola

Nicola is the embodiment of a strong, feminine, heart-centred speaker who connects with a genuine depth and warmth. She has a captivating presence that draws you in and has been described as knowledgeable, brilliant, engaging, uplifting, and genuine. Spend time with Nicola and she makes you feel the centre of her world. Up on stage her warmth and presence are powerful and palpable.

Whilst she seems to collect degrees and certi cations like some people collect stamps (Pharmacy, Higher Education, NLP, TAA, Management Practices, Mental Health First Aid, Resilience, Masters in Applied Positive Psychology) she doesn’t put a long list of letters on her business card. Learning is not just something she does. It is who she is – a knowledge seeker.

She has accumulated a wealth of work ‘experiences’ having managed pharmacies
in Australia and the UK, won Sales Representative of the Year in the pharmaceutical industry, garnered multiple teaching awards when she decided to ‘give academia a go’. Now she is a successful solo-preneur and National Speaker.

As a presenter she has a unique ability to translate cutting edge research into practical and engaging tips which her audiences love. A member of Professional Speaker’s Australia she is passionate about her craft and impeccably organised.

She has experienced her fair share of struggles. In January 2011 she ended up on the operating table with her rib cage broken open to remove a large tumour from her chest. In 2014 she sold her car, most of her belongings and set off with grand plans to learn Salsa in Barcelona. She detoured to Adelaide to spend time with family … and stayed.

Now working on her terms; she lives and talks what she loves. She shares her knowledge on being fully present with another human being, listening from the heart and her holistic models of HeartWiseTM Resilience and Leadership.

An adventuress at heart she has hiked, camped, skied, parasailed, mountain biked in over 35 countries! She has hiked the Lares track to Machu Pichu, mountain biked down Death Rd in Bolivia, slept under the stars in Morocco.

Have we mentioned that she doesn’t own a television; loves vintage markets, afternoon naps and photographs street art ?

A one dimensional speaker she is not. A clever, complex, captivating woman she is.

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